Health Check

As part of this service I’ll offer you a full health check on your business performance. This will include a review of your cash flow position, financial performance and the key drivers behind your profitability. That way, we can highlight risks to your business and identify areas to focus on in order to grow, remain profitable and stay cash positive. My process of analysis and meetings will ensure you walk away with a clear plan.

Cash Flow

Get help with forecasting to achieve growth, cover the costs of project expenditure or plan your way out of your overdraft. I’ll provide an overview of your position and plans for the future, drawing up a cash flow forecast I can adapt it any way you like, be it a short-term weekly forecast or a high-level monthly forecast.

Pulse Report

A pulse report gives you everything you need in one place: financial performance, financial KPIs and operational KPIs. You’ll not only get access to your historical performance, but will see an indication on future performance. Available monthly or quarterly, these reports will be supported by on-site sessions which will allow us to quickly address issues, focus on areas of strength, and improve your overall business performance and profitability.

Pricing Support

I offer all sorts of pricing support. From periodic reviews of your pricing to support on specific projects or tenders, I’ll ensure you understand the underlying profit on each piece of work. That way you can price appropriately, know when to adjust prices and identify your walk-away point. Setting yourself apart with alternative pricing options can mean the difference in winning a piece of work, so I will ensure you have all the pricing tools you need.

Business Planning

Have a high-level vision for your business but can’t translate into action? It’s more common than you’d think. Through proper business planning, I’ll help you order your thoughts into clear priorities for the year ahead, looking at all your objectives and cascading them to others in your organisation. At the end, you’ll be furnished with a clear plan, know the benefits of each stage, and have a cohesive team rallied around common goals.

Profit Improvement

When you look at your profits do you feel deflated? Or do you lack clarity on what is and isn’t delivering? I can help. Together, we’ll identify which products or services are contributing the most, which clients are impacting your profitability and where you can make savings. At the end of the process, you’ll know exactly where to focus your attention.

Funding Requirements

Whether you require funding for growth, a one-off project or a review of your current finding structure, I can help you put together the forecasts you need. Together we’ll determine your requirements and how much you can afford in finance costs. With a network of contacts across different funding options, I’ll help you source exactly the right option for you.

Strategic Support

I’ll help you develop ideas on how to enhance your business, challenge you on what they will achieve and give you straight answers on what they deliver. Working collaboratively as a team means you’ll have someone to run all your ideas past, but with me acting as an objective sounding board, we’ll only spend time on the ideas that will work. Even better, get me on a monthly retainer as FD and I’ll provide the strategic support you need to grow.

Trusted Complementary Services

In the more than 20 years I’ve worked in the industry, I’ve built up an impressive network of contacts. Partner with me, and I’ll give you access to experts across areas including HR, Marketing, Admin , Insurance, IT, Recruitment and Health and Safety.

Success stories

  • We wanted to work with Helen to help with our understanding of the financials and managing growth to maximise our potential.

    We have quickly gained knowledge of how our business functions and its marketplace and developed an understanding of the human personalities within the business and the goals they had. Helen has helped to deliver a structure to where we are now and a path to where we want to go.

    I think as a family run business, we are familiar with 'doing what we do and what will be will be'. It's nice to have someone out of that loop not to judge but to support, encourage and challenge you from time to time.

    I can't speak highly enough of the difference it has made to understand our position and have a plan moving forward. We had growth before Helen's involvement and that felt 'exciting, daunting, a little scary on the tax front, stressful'. Now our growth feels' planned, controlled, maximised, costed'. Still exciting though!!

    It's also reassuring to know that we aren't paying more tax than we need to.

    Finally, I love the humour and friendliness. That's essential for me and Dave.

    Matt Barnes – Content Capture Limited
  • Before working with Helen I did all of my finance stuff myself. I understood the basics, but never really thought about things like cash flow and credit control apart from wanting to have money in the bank. Her knowledge and support with strategy have helped us be better but also helped me to be more strategic myself.

    I read a lot of books and try to constantly improve my financial understanding and planning but having Helen on hand to explain what I have read and give it a practical application has been so valuable.

    Helen is great to work with. I feel like she has made an invaluable contribution to how we operate as a business and to my personal knowledge. Nothing is ever off the table or too complicated and she loves Corrie! What more could you want from an FD.

    Daisy Whitehouse – Down at The Social
  • Before we started to work together our biggest issues was an overall lack of clear vision and understanding of our current performance and more importantly how to project ourselves and the business in the future. We know what the meaning of today's performance means for our growth and as such take important decisions based on this. Helen has a simple and clear approach which is refreshing.

    Helen has helped us by keeping things simple. By no longer looking at the past performance and focusing on the future and what one can achieve rather than what cannot change.

    In terms of the greatest benefit of working together I have A-ha moments most of the time we speak! Helen has a quiet and unwavering confidence in the financial advice she gives and vision for the company which always feels like sound impartial advice.

    Helen & Andy make accounting & financial management enjoyable, and they have the patience of saints.

    Jane Caujolle – Townhouse Concierge Limited
  • Before we worked together I spent a lot of time trying to track our accounts, forecast expenditure and then time again undertaking reviews to ensure I had budgeted as I thought.

    Now this service is provided for our organisation in a more detailed way but it's much easier to understand.

    There is also an online platform I can go back for reminders, if we're unsure you get back to us which offers reassurance about the queries.

    The time I used for budgeting and planning can be used in a more productive way, the detail Helen provides to me is far more than I could have budgeted for, I have a greater peace of mind.

    I look forward to Helen's visits to share any progress, to work out what'd next even if this is a problem we look to solution, Helen is a part of our team!

    Justin Fellows – JustBU
  • We began working with AJ Fleet in August 2018 following an introduction from a mutual contact.

    We discussed our need for a supportive Accountant as our previous Accountant produced our year end accounts, told us what we had been doing wrong during the previous year, and asked us what our plans were for the following year. He offered no support or advice.

    I spoke to Helen and this and she confirmed that she could, and indeed has, helped us in so many ways. She produces quarterly management accounts that enable us to look at the figures and highlight and areas of concern quickly and look at ways to rectify them.

    She has helped with planning and working out our financial needs now and in the future. We discuss all aspects of the financial side of the business and she has helped us have a greater understanding of our accounts and tax issues.

    Helen is always positive when we have our meeting, even if things are not going as well as we hoped. She is calm and is always available if I need to 'run anything by her'. Helen has been a hugely positive influence on our business but also on me personally, and she is a pleasure to work with.

    Kay Walsh – R2R Maintenance and Fire Stopping Ltd
  • Prior to working with Helen, I felt as though I needed guidance with financial & business planning, project planning, future outlook and target setting.

    Helen has provided on going advice and support and clearly demonstrates where the business needs to invest and suitable times when to do this. Helen clearly understands our business model, therefore speaking with her is always easy and she will provide alternative ways to achieve our goals and targets if required. Helen always provides information that is presented clearly in text, verbally and figures, in an easy understandable format.

    During the 4 years I have been working with Helen, I feel not only has she become someone who I meet quarterly to discuss the businesses financial outlook and strategies, she is someone you can rely on and trust, like you would with a friend. Helen understands our business and it's clients and recognises there are times we need instant support and advice. Helen is just a phone call or email away and will promptly give you the time and support you need, this type of advice support is just what we need which reduces pressures and contributes to an effectively run business.

    Terry Mann – STEPS CIC
  • When it comes to financial strategy and reporting, the key for me was finding a partner that would help embed consistency and accountability into that area of the business, but it was also crucial for us to work with someone we liked and shared our values and ambitions.

    We've achieved this through our quarterly meetings and timely management of the day-to-day. This gives me a clear picture of how we're performing and allows us to make decisions and plan for future growth. We've grown successfully year-on-year, and have had our three most successful years in the period we've worked with Helen.

    Jess Wilkinson – Founder at Petal & Co.

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