Health Check

As part of this service I’ll offer you a full health check on your business performance. This will include a review of your cash flow position, financial performance and the key drivers behind your profitability. That way, we can highlight risks to your business and identify areas to focus on in order to grow, remain profitable and stay cash positive. My process of analysis and meetings will ensure you walk away with a clear plan.

Cash Flow

Get help with forecasting to achieve growth, cover the costs of project expenditure or plan your way out of your overdraft. I’ll provide an overview of your position and plans for the future, drawing up a cash flow forecast I can adapt it any way you like, be it a short-term weekly forecast or a high-level monthly forecast.

Pulse Report

A pulse report gives you everything you need in one place: financial performance, financial KPIs and operational KPIs. You’ll not only get access to your historical performance, but will see an indication on future performance. Available monthly or quarterly, these reports will be supported by on-site sessions which will allow us to quickly address issues, focus on areas of strength, and improve your overall business performance and profitability.

Pricing Support

I offer all sorts of pricing support. From periodic reviews of your pricing to support on specific projects or tenders, I’ll ensure you understand the underlying profit on each piece of work. That way you can price appropriately, know when to adjust prices and identify your walk-away point. Setting yourself apart with alternative pricing options can mean the difference in winning a piece of work, so I will ensure you have all the pricing tools you need.

Business Planning

Have a high-level vision for your business but can’t translate into action? It’s more common than you’d think. Through proper business planning, I’ll help you order your thoughts into clear priorities for the year ahead, looking at all your objectives and cascading them to others in your organisation. At the end, you’ll be furnished with a clear plan, know the benefits of each stage, and have a cohesive team rallied around common goals.

Profit Improvement

When you look at your profits do you feel deflated? Or do you lack clarity on what is and isn’t delivering? I can help. Together, we’ll identify which products or services are contributing the most, which clients are impacting your profitability and where you can make savings. At the end of the process, you’ll know exactly where to focus your attention.

Funding Requirements

Whether you require funding for growth, a one-off project or a review of your current finding structure, I can help you put together the forecasts you need. Together we’ll determine your requirements and how much you can afford in finance costs. With a network of contacts across different funding options, I’ll help you source exactly the right option for you.

Strategic Support

I’ll help you develop ideas on how to enhance your business, challenge you on what they will achieve and give you straight answers on what they deliver. Working collaboratively as a team means you’ll have someone to run all your ideas past, but with me acting as an objective sounding board, we’ll only spend time on the ideas that will work. Even better, get me on a monthly retainer as FD and I’ll provide the strategic support you need to grow.

Trusted Complementary Services

In the more than 20 years I’ve worked in the industry, I’ve built up an impressive network of contacts. Partner with me, and I’ll give you access to experts across areas including HR, Marketing, Admin , Insurance, IT, Recruitment and Health and Safety.

Let's work together

Whether you’re big, small, established or just starting up, I’m here to help. I’ll be your trusted partner, plugging directly into your team and offering fair, friendly frank advice.