Giving proper structure to a founder’s ideas on how to drive his business forward

CIC delivers support for people with disabilities. Its founder had a wealth of ideas to enhance the service, but lacked the structure and focus to achieve them. I was brought in to provide a clear business plan which prioritised actions for the year detailing profit impact and timescales.

CIC’s founder is passionate about what they do, but he needed a hand balancing his holistic goals with the need to generate cash and grow the business. In our initial meeting we drew up a wishlist of all the things he wanted to do, then talked about the time and costs involved in each option.

This resulted in a business plan for the next twelve months with clarity on objectives, timescales and responsibilities. The team felt engaged with the core purpose of the company but were now also an integral part of its success promoting employee satisfaction and retention. The owner was now able to focus on each objective in an orderly manner, and throughout the year we tweaked the process, and as a result, not only was the service offered more comprehensive, but revenue increased by 25%.


Helen has supported our business for over 12 months now, helping us to identify gaps in service, develop our delivery and improve our quality of service. I've felt the benefit of having direct support, being able to see things better and, with Helen’s support, having the confidence in moving our service forward financially and making the right decisions.

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