Improving revenue growth and profitability at a property maintenance business.

Strategic support matters. My job was to provide clarity of business objectives so we could improve financial performance and forge a strong collaborative relationship to support achieve the company’s aims.

Initial meetings covered an understanding of the sales process, which clients we wanted and how to deliver them. We looked at seasonal challenges and how this would impact funding requirements. Operational reviews of team structures highlighted how we could deal with seasonal demand and be as efficient as possible. Even better, the owner was honest about his challenges and we worked through them together, prioritising those with the greatest impact on their financial performance.

Sales grew by 67% from Q1 to Q3, moving to a profitable position for Q2 and Q3 with breakeven for the YTD. On-going contact has meant our relationship is strong, we can address issues quickly and any challenge from my part is received constructively knowing it has their ultimate goals at the heart.


Helen has been more help to me in the four weeks than my last accountant was in the four years. I really look forward to our meetings, knowing they help me pull all my ideas together and move forward.

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