Turning around stagnant growth at a large law firm

Growth had stagnated. The wheels had stalled. Change was needed. Not only did the law firm’s owner need greater visibility on the operational performance, he needed to improve together his growth strategy and plan the route from current to optimal performance.

We started by looking at the different work streams and the potential impact of upcoming legislation changes. Initial reporting cast light on historical performance and we used this reporting to identify areas for improvement, capacity and recruitment triggers. Monthly meetings and on-going ad-hoc contact helped me to become part of the team.

The owner was clear growth should come from both from a service and client perspective. After my advice, he was able to pass work to the wider team, keeping them motivated and ensuring he was working on growing the business. Ultimately, he felt he had made profit improvements, had the tools to measure this and improve further and the knowledge of what he needed to do to move growth forward.


As the sole director it has been extremely helpful to have someone I can pick up the phone to on a variety of issues, knowing Helen will provide an objective but ultimately supportive point of view.

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